These little guys are approximately six inches tall and made of fleece.
The ones above are made of left over fleece I’ve got around the house and cost $15 (plus shipping).
I also make black and pink bobombs that are closer to what bobombs actually look like.
AND! I can make custom bobombs for a base price of $15.

If you’d like a custom bobomb contact me at with the general idea of what colours you want in which places on your bobomb. Below is a diagram showing which pieces can be different colours. If you want to get really complicated the right and left feet and eyes can be different from each other as well. And technically the body is made up of 4 pieces. Just keep in mind while designing your bobomb that the more complicated it is the more I may have to charge to cover fabric costs.

I’ve had some people complain about the cost being too much. Let me explain.
Each of these takes upwards of 2 hours to make. I do not use a sewing machine. I do all of the sewing by hand.