Origami Girl 9 – The End
February 1st, 2017

Origami Girl 9 – The End

That moment when you decide to murder your best friend.

I think its funny how this entire series of comics is called origami girl but only a couple of them actually show Kaz then the rest of the series is Chris jealously murdering all of my future husbands.

In reality it is more like me waiting for Jenn to die in a terrible accident so I can have Chris to myself. I’ll have to fight off Ben first but I’ll do it.  Any guy that I end up with is going to have to understand my friendship with Chris. He is my person.

Chris was my one before any of these boys showed up and its just not worth it without him.

In reality I started drawing this the night my grandma died. That’s kind of weird. Chris was the first person I told when I found out. We may have only been talking online but we still cried together. He feels my feelings with me so I don’t have to have them all to myself.

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