April 26th, 2016


My mom has been researching weighted blankets for people with anxiety and autism. Turns out it’s actually really soothing. There were several days a week and a half ago when I spent many hours under a stack of wool blankets. There was one day where I spent six hours just laying there with blankets on my chest. There is a custom weighted blanket being made for me now. Apparently it has dinosaur print fabric. Can’t wait for that to arrive.

Still doing a little better every day. Still crying every day. Still have a lot of work to do. Still doing it… or trying. I’m still here anyway.


  1. anon

    you need inpatient help

  2. A person

    Looks like we have Anon in a “pot calling the kettle black” type situation.

  3. anon

    how so? im not the one with obvious severe mental issues you are.

  4. Same person

    Ha anon thinks I’m the author. I was attempting to point out that you are criticizing someone for a comic meant to point out that they know thier behavior is weird. You take this as some crazy person blogging about how happy they are. Anon you make me sad attacking someone who is going through something serious. But finding compassion or sympathy on the Internet is rare so I’m not really surprised. Ceilidh just ignore this sick fuck <3.

  5. anon

    not at all if her behavior is this bad then she should get help

    I’m not calling her crazy or psycho but suggesting she gets help Lord knows someone suggest a solution instead of circlejerking her off

  6. 00ceilidh

    :/ I am getting help. I’m in contact with my doctor and I’m getting back on my anti depressants. I’m not just sitting around circlejerking, as you put it. So thanks for your unsolicited advice, but no thanks.

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