About the Comic

Paperclip Crusades is a series of mostly unrelated comics based on and starring people I know as well as additional made up characters (rarely). Nearly every comic is also be based on actual conversations and mostly non-fictional events. Given that I am not the most entertaining person I like to base my comics on things that people have previously found entertaining and share them with everyone else. Unfortunately this results in a lot of inside joke comics. On the other hand I am pretty good at determining which inside jokes can also be made funny to other people without totally ruining the inside-ness of it.

I never had any real intention to start a webcomic. In fact, judging by my first comic you wouldn’t think anyone would actually want me to start a webcomic. But it was with those first steps in comic writing that I realized- drawing comics is about all I’m good at when it comes to art. After much prodding from my friends and an eventual cave from peer pressure I decided to start a webcomic and made it my “secret project.” I think I actually just wanted a secret project.

Shortly after making my decision I declared my dear friend Nick Rose as “secret project” consultant. He didn’t ask to be my consultant but he never asked not to be it either. He came up with the name “Paperclip Crusades”, as well as several other names I seriously considered, and has been giving me advice on getting started as well as whatever comics I show him and expect criticism on. He has been a good sport about it.

Also to blame for this is Nimby. I wouldn’t have this website if he hadn’t one night decided to give me space on his new server. I don’t think I even asked for it. He was talking about transferring people to his server and I said something about needing webspace eventually and he gave it to me right then. A week later when I decided I couldn’t not go ahead with this with free hosting he helped me set up the website too.

About the Author

This is Ceilidh. Not a toaster.I’m sure you’re all asking “Who is responsible for this terrible excuse for a comic and where does she get off introducing such crap to the world. Aren’t there enough lame webcomics floating around the internet these days?” Actually, I’m almost positive no one is asking that right now but I am going to answer that anyway.

The comic is “written” and drawn by Ceilidh Givan, which (for those of you just joining us) is pronounced Kay-lee. It’s Gaelic and it has caused me much trouble over the years. At last, now that I am in college, I have professors who know stuff and can actually pronounce my name on the first try.

Because we clearly can’t trust my opinion of myself you’d have to talk to my friends. A lot of them might use the word “awesome” to describe me. As fervently as I deny it they will continue to insist that it’s so.

Some input from my friends to be added to this page included:

“Awesomesauce. Always add awesomesauce.”

“I want to live inside Ceilidh’s mind. I bet it’s amazing and rainbow colored with kittens and unicorns.” “And dinosaurs too.”

“Ceilidh, I love it? Does that count?” “No! Something Awesome!” “I thought my love was awesome.”

Where do I get my ideas from? The post-its on the side of my monitor! Heh. Just kidding. I get most of my ideas from hanging out with my friends. I have about four friends that the majority of my comic ideas come from and they will all have their appearances in my comic over the course of time, if they haven’t been featured already. As long as I get ideas for comics at a faster rate than I update we can be insured my comic will survive. So far so good.

I’ve only been reading webcomics for a few years. The one that introduced me to the world of webcomics was Questionable Content. My friend Fitheach (also a gaelic name, pronounced fay-ack) was sending me links to individual strips as she read through the archive and after about a week of that I decided to see what it was about for myself. So it started out with me reading one webcomic to my current list of close to 60 webcomics. My favourites among those being 21 Dead Monkeys, Dresden Codak, Fanboys, Girly, Questionable Content, Tweep, The Zombie Hunters, and Yu+Me Dream.


Yes! That’s right! I do commissions. I’ve been paid as little as 6 dollars and have had offers of up to 50 dollars for mostly comics and wallpapers. I have also done logo designs for several friends, graphics for marketing materials, and illustrations for a book. Basically, just ask if I can do something for you. If I don’t think I can I’ll probably tell you I don’t think I am capable of it but give it a try anyways.

Depending on the complexity of the project my rates will vary. For single illustrations it’ll be about 20-30 dollars per picture. Obviously something that takes more time will cost more. If you have something in mind let me know and I will give you an estimate.
For some more examples of my work head over to my Deviant Art page www.burningheart9046.deviantart.com