A Small Request
Thursday — June 23rd, 2016

A Small Request

I feel really awkward asking for money like this but a couple people have assured me it is okay.

Anyway, my birthday is coming up in September and I really do have way more things than I need. I’m trying to get rid of things and taking a lot of stuff to Goodwill. I don’t really expect gifts from anyone, just ya know. If you were thinking of getting me something, don’t (unless it was like the perfect Ceilidh gift and you saw it and already bought it). I am a hoarder and don’t need people feeding my gross hoarding habits. Instead, send a couple bucks my way?

I already know what I’m getting and almost have enough money to buy it without help but help would be so awesome and you have no idea how grateful I would be.

Should you be feeling generous and choose to chip in you can use Venmo or Paypal.