Best Friends
Monday — May 25th, 2015

Best Friends

So it’s been awhile, eh?

I’ve been working and going to school full time, if you’ll remember from my last update, if I said that in my last update.

I also accidentally earned a degree. An associates in general studies. I guess that makes me the first of my siblings to earn a degree, unfortunately it’s not the degree I wanted? This is what happens when you never go in to see a student adviser, kids.

Anyway, Denver Comic Con was this weekend. While I still have not made the leap to get a table, this is my third year attending. Also in attendance this year- Alan Tudyk. My hero. We went to his panel. He talked about Con Man and handed out random shit (his words not mine) to anyone who asked a question. It was delightful watching him dig asprin packets and claratin wrappers out of his bag to sign and hand off to fans. He also handed out some old script pages and filming schedules, it wasn’t all random junk from his travels.

And then he signed a copy of this comic and said I’m “so talented.”  What up.

I hope to return with another comic soon, but the summer semester starts in about a week and I anticipate that being a nightmare.