Not A Hugger
Monday — October 13th, 2014

Not A Hugger

Who doesn’t hug their own mother?

It’s me guys, it’s me.

I am a terrible person when I am tired.

Also when I’m not tired. Just in general, really.

In unrelated to comic news: I did my first craft fair this weekend. My mom (featured above) bought me a booth space and I sat at a table for 8 hours being friendly. It was exhausting. And I sold like 10 pairs of earrings, five of which I made while I was sitting at the table. The key to selling stuff is not making really incredibly well designed jewelry. It’s slapping together some earrings using cutsie animal beads. Life pro-tip: People really like owls. Also the broncos. I had more than one person looking for broncos earrings. Sorry team, I’m not into sports. I heard they won yesterday. How about them Broncos.